#33: Jaimel and Ledon…. Hate People’s Annoying Habits!

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Do YOU Have annoying habits? Yeah, you do. You all do! If you think you don’t, chances are you do, and just don’t know it yet. So sit back and Let Ledon and Jaimel educate you on your foolishness!

#32: Jaimel and Ledon…. Hate EA Games!

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Ledon has had it! The Haters were on a nice sabbatical… then they played the new Fight Night game. Now, the Rage has returned! This week, Ledon & Jaimel deliver the knockout blow to EA Games!

Separated at Birth?

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Seriously.. Look.Creepy, right?

#31: Jaimel and Ledon…. Hate The Cape!

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This show sucks. Really bad. It’s going to be canceled any time now, but if we let The Cape slide without kicking while its down… Well, that wouldn’t be very hateful would it? This week, the Haters feast on the rotting carcass of The Cape!

#30: Jaimel and Ledon…. Hate 2010!

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2010 is trying to sneak out the back door, but Ledon and Jaimel won’t let the old man escape withou kick him a few times! Relive the worst of the year that was though the eyes of the Haters!

#29: Jaimel and Ledon…. Hate the Grocery Store!

2010-12-17 - 08:00 | Episodes | 2 comments

It’s a necessary evil, ruined by the people you encounter there. Everyone needs to eat, right? The Haters are here to tell which ones should be forced to starve!

#28: Jaimel and Ledon…. Hate Stadium Music!

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Let’s face it, if the product on the field is boring, some crappy music isn’t going to save it. (looking at you, MLB!) The Haters star with “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, and end up with Dog the Bounty Hunter being electrocuted in a pool… Yes it’s old news, but they still find that image hilarious. It’s another episode of the show that refuses to flip the dolphin, Hate the World!

#27: Jaimel and Ledon…. Hate Movie Franchises!

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Hollywood just doesn’t know when you quit. If it ain’t a sequel, it’s a remake or redux… The Haters have had it! This week, Ledon and Jaimel go in on the Franchises that need to die!

#26: Jaimel and Ledon…. Hate Thanksgiving!

2010-11-26 - 08:00 | Episodes | No comments


Still full from yesterday? Jaimel and Ledon hope it makes you sick! The Hater are here to get the “Bah, humbug” goin’ early! Tune in to find out why Turkeys hate the Pilgrims and how Macy’s is the new KKK! Oh yeah… the Hate is back.

#25: Jaimel and Ledon…. Issue the Hate List!

2010-10-08 - 08:00 | Episodes | No comments


The Haters hit the quarter century mark, and that means it’s time to issue another Hate List! Ledon and Jaimel take to Oprah’s magazine, TI’s stupidity, and Vince Mcmahon’s b*tch-ass-ness!