AKA: Tina Taylor

Height: 5′ 8″

Weight: 135

Powers: Combat Skills, Energy Projection, Flight, Magic

First Appearance: Menhit #1

Identity: Secret

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: College Student

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: Will Taylor (foster father), Beth Taylor (foster mother), Tessa Taylor (foster sister)



Long ago, she rode ahead of armies as the consort of the Nubian war god Anhur. Then came the betrayal. Now, a timid college student must find the goddess within… Menhit seeks to protect our world from the eternal danger of Sekhmet!


Long ago, Menhit was a consort of the Nubian war god Anhur, who brought her to Egypt. Riding ahead of Nubian armies, she destroyed the great warriors of their enemies by shooting lighting from her Wahz of Might; assuring success in war. She was the protector of kings, Neguses, and their armies. 

In ancient times, the gods ruled over men, their powers fueled by faith & worship. As more & more pantheons were formed , there was inevitable conflict, especially between closely situated pantheons. One such battle was between the gods of Nubia & Lower Egypt. As the people merged & mingled the Gods battled to see who would reign over the rapidly unifying land. Eventually, Ra defeated the Three-Headed Lion God of Nubia, asserting his power. However, the other gods were left to fend for themselves in the newly combined pantheon. Among the displaced were Sekhmet & Menhit, both Goddesses of Battle & War. 

The battle was fierce; the two goddesses challenged each other in archery, hunting, and finally single combat. After a long fight, Menhit stood victorious. However she decided to spare Sekhmet and pleaded with Ra to end the fighting, saying that this war served no true purpose. Ra agreed, and decided that it was time to leave earth and return to The Ennead, realm of the gods. 

As Ra declared an armistice and prepared for the transfer, Sekhmet still seethed over her defeat. Plotting with Set, who had his own long-standing issues with Ra, she created a counter spell designed to destroy the other Gods as they attempted to leave our dimension. Ra managed a counterstroke, but it didn’t fully take due to him being unprepared for a surprise attack. With the exception of Set & Sekhmet, all of the Gods had their souls ripped from their bodies, thrown into the ether. Thinking the others dead, the two traitors traveled alone to The Ennead, planning to rule together.

Menhit has been reborn as Tina Taylor, a young archaeological student living in Los Angeles, CA. She attends ULA and is currently a Junior. She lives in an off-campus apartment with her girlfriend Maggie.

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