Wax #1 – Convention Edition


In a middle-American town, Wax must navigate the complexities of being a teenager while also having a demon living beneath her skin, ready to emerge with any strong emotion.

To learn about her potential – and who she truly might be – Wax must take her chances with supernatural creatures, elf lords, and the popular girls at school. And woe be to any monster who gets between her and her chance to go to prom!

This convention exclusive features alternate scenes & a pinup gallery!


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In a small town outside Madison, Wisconsin (Waterville, population 3,000, one high school, one grocery store, many football rivals), we meet Emma Waxler, a typical teenage girl who just wants to go to Prom.

Except Wax isn’t very typical after all. Her dad’s day job involves magic, there’s a thaumaturgic vortex in her back yard, and Wax is magic. Sometimes. Especially after something strange happens and she gets a note to come home to deal with a family emergency…



Story: Diane Huffman

Art: Claudia Cangini

Colors: Claudia Cangini

Cover: Kati Babis

Letters: Jaimel Hemphill 


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Genre: Adventure

Color/B&W: Color

Format: Comic

Page Count: 28