Codename Blackjacks: An elite team created to safeguard the American Way. Each member of the squad is a national hero, and the “GEX” program is the new NASA. But how can America’s top metahuman black ops team operate in front of cameras? How will they balance black bag missions with photo ops & talk show appearances?  These soldiers are about to learn: The only thing hotter than a firefight… is the spotlight!





White Eagle returns to the nest with two extra passengers, one a prisoner, and one is… something else. Something… other. What sleeps in the cocoon that Chameleon insisted return with the team? When he he opens it… IF he opens it… will friend or foe emerge? All this, and new operatives arrive from Côte d’Ivoire! The battle continues in the second issue of BlackJacks! 



Story: Nace Mestas

Art: John Lee, Gary Mitchell

Colors: Hugo Froes

Cover: John Lee

Letters: Jaimel Hemphill


Order Code: NOV123456

Genre: Action

Color/B&W: Color

Format: Comic

Page Count: 28


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