Oakland, California. A city of dueling natures: Mansions and slums. Forests and concrete jungles. Unity, within rebellion. A bustling metropolis with an underbelly as ugly as Lake Merritt is beautiful.

To save one from the other, one police officer will do the wrong thing for all the right reasons. To uphold the law, they will bend the rules. Is this Oakland’s savior, or yet another problem plaguing the city? You’ll have to ask around- because in Oakland there is no line to cross, there is only the grind. In Oakland, the ends are questioned, but not the means used to reach them. In Oakland, this crusader will discover there is only one rule of law:

To protect the light, you must live in the shadow.



What will the detectives do after the shocking death last issue? The pieces fall into place as one lead becomes the only hope for justice to be served!



Story: Jaimel Hemphill

Art: TBD

Colors: Alex Sollazzo

Cover: Randolph Williams

Letters: TBD


Order Code: N/A

Genre: Detective/Noir

Color/B&W: Color

Format: Comic

Page Count: 28 


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