Okay. A long time ago, two people got together and made a little baby named Lorenzo. About  the same time, two  aliens got together and  made a little alien named Lesna.

Lorenzo grew up to be a drunken loser.

Lesna grew up to be whatever it is little aliens grow up to be.

Lorenzo and Lesna are about to be best friends,whether they like it or not…



Lorenzo Raygoza is a jerk. He’s a moron.  He’s also a superhero, thanks to Lesna, the alien he found in an alley.

One problem: There’s a lot of folks who would like this power, and they’ll kill him to get it! Who does a superhero call when he need help? Lorenzo better find an answer quick, because the galactic bounty hunter SHADRAK is here to collect!

Oh, did we mention Lesna is now a ghost that only Lorenzo can see or hear? Yeah, that’s happening.



Story: Jaimel Hemphill, Marc Shapiro

Art: Johan Manandin

Colors: Andrew Harmon

Cover: Ryan Hall

Letters: Jaimel Hemphill


Order Code: TBA

Genre: Comendy/Sci-Fi

Color/B&W: Color

Format: Comic

Page Count: 28 


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