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Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, (go Pacers!!!) but raised in New Orleans, (Who Dat!!!) now based in Oakland California, writer, artist and creator of the Boom Unit. He is a teacher by day and a hater of all things illogical by night.

Frederick has a Bachelors and an Associates in Sociology as well as a diploma in Graphic Design. He also has a Masters degree in the school of soft knocks (he has soft hands and feet that are without crust).

His interests are comics, art, basketball , history aka. his-story, reading, scrabble and volunteer work. His motto is: being a fake celebrity is hard work. After years of interviewing and ingratiating himself with the famous and not so famous, he feels like now is his time to step forth into the light and take his place alongside the elite homeless and notorious fake thugs. Expect hella good comics,  and videos of voodoo rituals from Mr Highbaugh, while praying to the lotto gods for a jackpot without actually playing. You can reach him at [email protected]


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