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At the inaugural San Francisco Comic Con, it was all hands on deck! With nearly the entire NPC crew on hand, it was the perfect time for the hosts of The Word Vomit Podcast to hang out & get acquainted with the all new NPC line up. Age, Jaimel, Lovalle, & Mike hold down the fort in this clip. Enjoy!


The Word Vomit Podcast is about what’s going on in music, gaming, movies, and any other form of pop culture.


The San Francisco Comic Con is a comic book convention located in San Francisco, California. It is produced and promoted by Imaginarium LLC (the team behind the Tampa Bay Comic Con and Indiana Comic Con), which is an event production and advertising agency comprised entirely of people that have a true love for comic books, stories, artwork and pop-culture. The people of San Francisco deserve a comic convention of their very own, and the San Francisco Comic Con is San Francisco’s very own.