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Hey everyone, it’s Jaimel Hemphill,  Editor-in-Chief of National Press Comics (NPC). In recent weeks, we have all felt the change to our daily lives due to the pandemic. In times like this, it is important to stay connected to the people and things we enjoy such as news, music, movies, and in our case, comics. You’ve probably heard from every business or corporation you’ve ever given your email to recently. Now, it’s our turn. NPC intends to weather this unprecedented storm by focusing on three core beliefs:

  • We have a responsibility to the comics industry
  • We have a responsibility to our fellow creators.
  • We have a responsibility to readers.

For the Industry:

The comics industry is both a business and a community, one that is centered on local comic shops. With printing and distribution at a standstill, these small businesses who are the backbone of our fandom, are facing the possibility of going for months without new product. Our colleagues at TKO Comics have come up with a way to help; one that NPC is adopting immediately: Until the end of the Coronavirus threat, NPC will send 50% of the total of each purchase made at to the brick and mortar store of the buyer’s choice, which is the amount the store would have made selling our product in their shop.

For the Creators:

National Press Comics is creator-owned. Inspired by the legends who started the original Milestone Media & Image Comics, we’ve always put our collaborators first. With this in mind, we have made the decision we will not be going “pencils down.” Although our financial status is just as precarious as any other indie publisher, we recognize that freelancers are especially vulnerable during a crisis such as this. To this end, all freelancers currently employed by the partners will continue to be paid for the next 90 days. We will honor all agreements, finish all projects, and publish when we are able.

For the Readers:

NPC values each and every person who supports us by buying a book. We recognize the love of the comic medium is what binds us all; creators are fans as well. To our readers: we will continue to make new content and media as long as we are able. In a time of social isolation and worry, escapism is necessary. NPC will do our part by creating stories that allow you to take a break from the stress we are all experiencing daily

Finally, let’s acknowledge that the way we’ll make it through this is together. America is built on a belief in rugged individualism, but we must remember personal accountability starts with our obligation to take care of each other. As long as we work toward the greater good, we can ensure this virus won’t beat us.

Comics will survive. Shops will survive. We will survive, and once we do… I’ll see you in the funny pages. Thank you for your time, and take care.