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Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Colourist/Designer Hugo Froes was first inspired to be an artist by both his parents, from as early an age as 5 years old. Having lived through most of the latter years of the apartheid regime in South Africa, he received various artistic influences until his third year of high  school, when he was privileged enough to be accepted to the National School of Arts in Johannesburg.

Upon completion, Hugo decided that it would be best going the design route, as it joined his love for technology with his love for art. After completing a very intense year of training at the Damelin Computer College, he decided it was time to move to new horizons, two days after his 20th birthday he moved to Portugal to start his professional career. Now living in Portugal with his beautiful wife Tania, Hugo is hoping to taking the comic world by storm with his coloring techniques!

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