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“Welcome to the X-Men, we hope you survive the experience!”

With those ten words, a seven year old Jaimel Hemphill began a life long obsession with the medium of comic books. Whether surfing with the alien or living the latest adventures of a little grey aardvark, Jaimel’s love of comics and reading only grew with him.

Educated at The Academy of Art in San Francisco, Jaimel has applied his unique style to the classic hero archetypes. Shadow, BlackJacks and Son-Lar have been with him since the age of 13, forming the lynchpins of his comic universe. Populated by diverse heroes and villains like  Cyberwings, Kidogi, and The Round, Jaimel hopes that his heroes represent the best in all of us.

Jaimel currently resides in the Bay Area with his wife Emily, and children, Ilori & Ikenna. He plans to keep creating until they nail shut his coffin, and we hope you’ll be along for the ride! (For the writing, not the coffin.)


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