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Luis is physically disabled, but that doesn’t stop him from following his dreams as head of the Cruzin Comics imprint and Creator/Writer of Jennifer The She-Wolf. He loves to read and write Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and even a little Erotica! Luis has recently completed one Young Adult SciFi novel and has recently begun the first draft of another. He’s also completed a few short stories which you can find on Amazon. However, his passion is reading and writing comic books.

Contacting a comic book publisher with the hope of becoming one of their writers, Luis was instead offered an Associate Editor’s position, which he thought was a great way to get into the comic book industry. A couple of months later, he was offered the chance to write a six page short story, and then write a mini-series based on the same concept. The mini-series never saw print, but the short story became part of an anthology. Luis also wrote a one page story for Free Comic Book Day 2013.

Luis feels the comic book industry, like everyday life, is all about taking a chance. One either fails or succeeds but in between is opportunity, which allows one to keep trying.

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