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On an ancient, isolated planet, a thousand year war raged. So brutal was the conflict that the generations born into it knew little else; the land a graveyard for the fallen. The reasons behind the war were long forgotten, yet the disharmony did not cease. War without end, nor salvation.
Then the world split; torn into two separate halves. Each side was stranded on a hemisphere. They stood facing one another; their rotation aligned as if still whole. The people named them Lotherial and Oren.
Time passed and a new era began. Gods were lost to memory and the tools of science expanded. The first ship was built to travel across the gap of space and reach the neighboring hemisphere. There was a tentative peace, but some wounds never heal. A new war began; prompting the creation of Ions, large robots which can reach across the space between the two hemispheres with ease. War begins anew…