Earth Sons #1


The End of the World came. Some say that what happened was inevitable due to humans’ treatment of Mother Earth; others, a fulfillment of prophesy. The descendants of the few survivors now live in a deadly world with black seas and poisonous air; contaminated food and water. Genetically enhanced beings now own the planet. The era of Humanity… is over.

Yet there is hope: It is named Blue, for its color. A chemical that can purify the most contaminated water, make any food edible, and even cleanse the air when applied to the inside of a mask. Blue cannot be duplicated, however. No one knows where it was made or how it seemed to be everywhere at once, in a world with little communication or means.

Now the supply is running out… and the hunt begins.

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There is one simple rule on H’trae: Live. Live, even though the very planet you inhabit does not. For the thief known as Aleyen, this is more than a rule, it is a law… a code. When the catlike Katawa Leeyal  asks for his help, Aleyen must answer two questions: What’s in it for him? Is the reward worth the risk of placing his trust in another sentient being? Life on the broken world of H’trae starts now!




Story: Jody Parker

Art: Dan Logan

Colors: Jennifer Striener

Cover: Dan Logan

Letters: Jennifer Striener


Order Code: NOV123456

Genre: Fantasy/Sci Fi

Color/B&W: Color

Format: Comic

Page Count: 24


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Physical, Digital