Earth Sons #2


The End of the World came. Some say that what happened was inevitable due to humans’ treatment of Mother Earth; others, a fulfillment of prophesy. The descendants of the few survivors now live in a deadly world with black seas and poisonous air; contaminated food and water. Genetically enhanced beings now own the planet. The era of Humanity… is over.

Yet there is hope: It is named Blue, for its color. A chemical that can purify the most contaminated water, make any food edible, and even cleanse the air when applied to the inside of a mask. Blue cannot be duplicated, however. No one knows where it was made or how it seemed to be everywhere at once, in a world with little communication or means.

Now the supply is running out… and the hunt begins.

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The Katawa Lord Kero Padjyr makes his case to Aleyen. Can the thief trust him, or is even certain betrayal worth the risk for the secret of Blue? Meanwhile, Setrar returns to the home of the Earth Sons to receive some disturbing news…



Story: Jody Parker

Art: Dan Logan

Colors: Jennifer Striener

Cover: Dan Logan

Letters: Jennifer Striener


Order Code: NOV123456

Genre: Fantasy/Sci Fi

Color/B&W: Color

Format: Comic

Page Count: 23


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Physical, Digital