World of Despair #0


Not much is known of the world before the Resource Wars. Legends tell of a place with clear skies, clean flowing water, and mankind lining in harmony with nature… That’s what people say, anyway.

This world is nothing like that. In this world, money is strength… and strength is power. A world of the rich and wealthy living safe behind the walls of the luxurious mecca known as Circle City. The rest: the poor, the disenfranchised, the “monsters”- they live in the outlying remnants of the old world… they live in Despair.

Joshua Lander was one of the elite who learned that when money is everything, you can trust no one. After losing his family, his money, and his freedom, he’s had to learn to live literally & figuratively in the land of Despair. Out here, humans aren’t the only monsters he must deal with.

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LANDER: Safety is a word rarely used in the City of Despair. During daylight hours your chances of surviving until sunset are fifty/fifty; a flip of a coin. a
coin whose sides represent life or death. Only the most dangerous and most experienced inhabitants ever venture out under the cloak of darkness. of those that are brave enough to put foot to pavement during those hours, none have ever dared to stop and figure the odds…

SEEKER: None alive know when the “new dark age” began, or what caused it. Only that this is a time of fear, suspicion, ignorance and violence. The remnants of the old world exist as flooded cities and ancient Technology misconstrued as Magic. Creatures man-made & natural Roam the empty spaces; With Mankind nearly extinct, nature Has asserted herself. Humans live by one law: Survive. These are the journeys of the Seeker as he maps the wilderness.



Story: Pat McKenna

Art: Lovalle Davis

Colors: Ioanny Diamov

Cover: Lovalle Davis

Letters: Jaimel Hemphill 


Order Code: NOV123456

Genre: Sci-Fi

Color/B&W: B&W

Format: Comic

Page Count: 16


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